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Non-Woven Fabric Kitchen Cleaning Towel - 3 Rolls

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Product description
Product description

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Experience Next Level Of Cleaning!

Get even your toughest jobs clean to a shine with superabsorbentmultipurpose Non-Woven Fabric Kitchen Cleaning Towel.  Its advanced fibers lift and trap dirt & dust effectively, and much stronger than ordinary paper towels, leaving no lint or residues on your plates or utensils. 

These towels can be used as disposable rags or reuse for 4 to 7 times, making it an economical choice in the long run. Soft in texture, it will not leave any scratches on the surface of your dishes or tables. 


Effective Cleaning - Quickly remove all sort of tough stains and greases in kitchen with just one wipe

Strong and Durable -  Stronger than normal kitchen cleaner wipes for tougher cleaning occasions in the kitchen, lint-free cleaning result

Economical Choice - Can be reused for 4-7 times, saves money on buying paper towels.

High Absorbancy - Highly absorbent that soak up spills quickly and helps in cleaning wet surfaces in the kitchen efficiently.


Ultra-soft - Will not leave any scratches or marks on dishes, also gentle to your skin

Eco-Friendly - Made of biodegradable materials, reduce wastes of paper towels as they are reusable. 

Non-toxic - 100% made from regenerative forest resources, completely safe for cleaning kitchen tools

Versatility - Perfect for household cleaning, travel, car, bathroom, pets, camping, personal care, daycare and more.FSC certified products


Color: Red, Orange, Blue, Green

Material: non-woven fabric

Total Length: 15m (for 50pcs of 20x30m towels)

Package Includes

Non-woven Kitchen Towel x 3 roll

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